The autonomous individuals who are seeking to serve to catalyze the creation of an alliance of autonomous individuals believe that can best be done by helping in the development of a neutral neural network to serve as the nervous system of coordination -- the nerves of a body do not determine where the body runs but they help the distributed intelligence implement a decision.

Neutral Neural Network


February 12, 2016​

Call for people to join to aggregate decision on new social media

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Development of a judgment aggregation system based on biomimicry of the honey bee to help a large group of people decide on a social networking platform to adopt as the first step of moving from social networking to collaborative networking and taking full advantage of the near-zero-marginal-cost mass coordination tools newly at our disposal. .

The Great Peacemaker of the People of the Longhouse was the greatest America who has ever lived.  His engineering of confederation 600 years after his death inspired Benjamin Franklin to dream of a ""Nation without Kings", and the American Confederation was born.​ 

A true confederation is an alliance of autonomous entities run on the non-coerced consent of all with checks and balance, separation of powers, and accountable/servant leaders or guides.